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Passionate About Sleep

Hello Friends!

I know it’s been a LONG time since I last wrote.

I hope this finds you all well.  I promise that no matter how much time goes by I will always be back to share more.  I’ve been going through so many changes as a new mom and finding time to fit it all in has been my biggest growth experience.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and there is time…it’s just a matter of creating it.

The last time I posted I had just started a new job at a wonderful health food store and company called Earth Fare.  Well, after a couple of months of working part-time, they asked me to work as their full-time Wellness Manager.  It’s been a wonderful position for me because I have learned SO MUCH about all of the different supplements and nutritional products on the market and in the industry and world.  I am so happy to be able to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn as I grow, develop and learn even more.  I have had the fortunate opportunity of trying some of the most beneficial products available that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try and experience if it weren’t for my work.  I am so passionate about nutrition and wellness, obviously, and it makes me so happy I can, now, share even more to hopefully help you on your path and journey of growing well in body, mind and spirit with each breath you breathe… Read the rest of this entry »


Healthy Baby, Healthy You, Healthy Life!

Goodness, it’s been a little while Fresh Fruit Cleanse friends.

Glad to be back and writing again.

Soon, I will be posting on a bit more regular basis.  Thank you for your patience while I get adjusted to my new life as a mom.

So, a few things I would like to share with you.

First of all, it’s almost summertime and, while many people are more active during summer months, we can also get much more relaxed with our nutritional choices and healthy disciplines.  It’s good to live a little, have fun and not be so regimented with yourself, but, I would suggest the Zig Zag Method to stay on track with your goals for your health and well-being.  I write about the Zig Zag Method in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book.  The Zig Zag Method means you stick to your healthy choices and focus 5 days a week, at least, but then allow yourself to sway from that and have a more indulgent meal (or beverage) a couple of days a week.

I know some people who refer to this as having a ‘cheat’ meal.  But, I’m not fond of that terminology.  Cheat implies you are doing something wrong.  No you are not!  You are living and enjoying life!  I heard Tony Robbins tell about when he first met his wife, Sage.  He said that he was so inspired to get to know her and date her because she seemed to be even more committed to health and well-being than even he was at the time.  She was a reiki master, a massage therapist, etc and he was excited to get to be with someone who shared all the same values for healthy eating and living.  Well, on their first date he was shocked when she ordered an ice cream sundae.  He said he asked her, ‘What are you doing?!’  To which, she replied, ‘Living!’  I love that…exactly…LIVE…but…don’t sacrifice your healthy goals and focus with your living.  Moderation is the key to balance and everything to enjoy life to the fullest in body, mind and spirit… Read the rest of this entry »


The Greens of Spring!

Hello Fresh Friends 😉

Well I’m back again :) And, happy Spring!  The Spring weather is feeling so good, fresh air, warm sunshine and refreshing breezes.

I had hoped to be back sooner, but, wow life is busy with a baby.  But I’m enjoying every moment because I know this time goes so fast. It’s hard to believe he is already 6 months and crawling!  And, I must say I am feeling great.  I’m still amazed I lost all my pregnancy weight with gentle Yoga, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse and healthy eating.  Losing weight, being healthy and staying shape doesn’t have to be hard!  It all comes down to what and how much you eat.  So listen to your body and it will always tell you what’s best for you.  Practices like Yoga help to get us in touch with the intelligence of our own bodies so that we can feel and hear what they are guiding us to do.

So, a couple of things… Read the rest of this entry »