Testimonials and Shared Stories from readers of the Fresh Fruit Cleanse | by Leanne Hall

Detox with Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall

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Go from eating fruit to feeling fabulous with the Fresh Fruit Cleanse!

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After the overly indulgent holidays, The Fresh Fruit Cleanse was the perfect way to reset my palate for healthy, nourishing foods in the new year, inspiring me to pursue a healthier diet from here on out. Over the three day cleanse, I lost over 3 1/2 pounds. But the benefits weren't just physical. During The Fresh Fruit Cleanse, I took a much more mindful approach to eating and it continues to stay with me even now. Two plums up for The Fresh Fruit Cleanse! Thanks, Leanne!"

Anietie - Dallas, Texas

Leanne Hall has made the fresh fruit cleanse tasty, doable, affordable and easy to follow. I never felt deprived or hungry and enjoyed the easy and delicious recipes. It was nice to get away from my usual diet and gained some healthy tips to continue improving it. No doubt I will come back to this cleansing alternatives during the change of the seasons or just to give my body a boost"

Rocio Morales - Round Rock, Texas

I had been looking for a detox program to follow these last couple of months. LeAnne's fruit cleanse is incredibly inviting and makes anyone feel that they are capable of taking on such a challenge. The Detox Blast Smoothie and Green Power smoothie have become favorites in my household. I love the cleansing effect of the Detox Blast Smoothie and the rich vitality I feel after drinking The Green Protein Smoothie (great before or after a work out).

The amazing thing about the recipes is that once you purchase a few of the ingredients your brain starts adapting towards a mentality of health - wanting to continue mixing different fruits and flavors! Turmeric powder and cayenne pepper are now a staple on my grocery store outings. I have already passed on these recipes to two other families who have incorporated them into their lifestyles as well! Thanks LeAnne!

Kaitlin Chu - Dallas, Texas

I've been suffering from terrible constipation for about a year and a half. On paper, I eat really healthy and include plenty of fiber in my regular diet, so this was really frustrating. It began with all the changes in my body post-pregnancy, the best I could figure out. I was on medication for a while, but eventually I got frustrated that I did not want to live on medication in order for my body to function. I tried every fiber trick I could think of - and basically just suffered through it for a long while after quitting the meds. I would need to take the medication every now and again, just to help get me through, and in between, needed to use laxatives and stool softeners regularly. It was beyond a painful and uncomfortable way to live and I often found myself in tears over it. In October 2010, I had some new enlightenment about this and some other issues I've been dealing with with my body and was inspired to start seeking answers. I was advised to see a GI specialist, and I did, but while I was waiting for an appointment, I was determined to find a more homeopathic remedy - as I already mentioned, I was not interested in living on medication. A friend introduced me to the fruit cleanse as an alternative - and at that point, I was willing to try anything, especially if it meant avoiding more medication.

My husband and I did the cleanse together the week before Thanksgiving. It was an amazing experience. It wasn't easy, I will admit, to only eat fruit, but when we were done we felt completely revitalized and light. Refreshed. I lost a few pounds but didn't notice any immediate change in my constipation issues. But as the next week went on, I did. I started to notice I was going daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. It has continued to this day, which is now January 2011. It's the first time I've been this way in over a year and a half, and the only thing that has worked. Its absolutely amazing.

I did still visit the GI - and I told him about the cleanse, and although he looked at me a bit strangely, he certainly couldn't argue with the fact that it worked. I can't thank you enough for what this has done for me. Since the initial cleanse, I certainly do my best to eat fruit daily and often. My husband and I plan to do a single day cleanse every month or so this year just because we know what a great affect it has on the body. Thank you Leanne. You saved me from a lot of pain - and unnecessary medication!

Meryl Blau - Miami, Florida